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Consultancy of Technology Providers – Project Swiftprocure

SwiftProcure is based on .NET- Technology. It is designed to automise the purchasing process, applicable for contiunous operations as well as for projects. By historical data analysis this tool enables and helps the purchasing department to develop purchasing strategies. Features like supplier scoring, project handling, historical data analysis, the bandwith from simple auctions models up to complex matrix auctions are included already in the standard version. By using standard databases, swiftprocure can be connected to ERP systems.

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Swiftprocure Cooperation – Targets

  • Supporting interested purchase departments/organizations in using optimized internet based purchase tools.
  • Identifying partners interested in the auction software on a stand alone basis
  • Looking for Consultants interested in internet purchase tools for their own Clients

In case of interest please contact Mr. Patrick Larose


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