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Consultancy Gas Exploration – Project KHW

The KHW Group was founded in 1964 in Meerbusch, Germany. The city is situated in the immediate vicinity of Duesseldorf and thus in the heart of the international service industry of Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany. The Group is nowadays comprised of three independent companies operating in a variety of fields:

  • Consulting in the engineering and construction of industrial plants
  • Application-related advice
  • Innovative Solutions

In order to develop business, the 3 above mentioned companies with their separate products and services are working together under the common umbrella of the the KHW Group. After the successful and rapid industrialization in the early years, the KHW Group extended its operating field and followed the steel industry in Europe, North America and China. The Group is providing customer service as advisors as well as investments in new industrial plants for steel production and processing. In addition, KHW has many years of experience in transferring shut down industrial plants. From plants no longer in production in Germany the KHW Group sold and delivered in 1998 a blast furnace to China, and in 2002/2003 a 5-stand tandem cold-rolling mill, a skin-pass mill and a pickling line to Malaysia. In a consortium with Thyssen Rheinstahl Technik (TRT) the KHW Group was engaged in the delivery of a strip steel mill to a Chinese customer. Since 2001 the trading with high-quality flat steel products was successfully taken up particularly to Asia and China. At the turn of the century, the KHW Group has moved its headquarters into its own building in Meerbusch-Büderich.

KHW Cooperation – Targets

  • Identifying partners for the upcoming Cyprus gas exploration
  • Identifying companies interested in specialty machinery or equipment such as gas lines etc.
  • Exploring business opportunities in the scope of project planning of industrial plants

A multi-faceted international Group


  • Planning
  • Project detailing
  • Coaching

Sales business Marketing of

  • Industrial plants
  • Specialty machinery
  • Brokering alliance partners

KHW-Haus, Office-Park Büderich
Am Meerkamp 17 + 19 40667 Meerbusch, Germany

P.O. Box 17 24 D-40642 Meerbusch, Germany

Tel.: (+49) 21 32-93 88-0
Fax: (+49) 21 32-93 88-25

In case of interest please contact Mr. Patrick Larose


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