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Consultancy of Global Chemical Companies – Project ChemSynergy

  • Support the growth of chemical companies with focus on products from vegetable origin by identifying new business opportunities that provide sustainable competitive advantages. This includes desk research (internet, literature, exhibitions), exploring sourcing opportunities (checking quality standards, production methods, volumes, pricing) and finding distribution partners.
  • Provide strategic consultation that strengthens your equity in the renewable raw materials market and derived products. This includes investigation of strategic options possibly leading to M&A activities, joint ventures, strategic alliances and other partnerships.

Currently Morox is working for ChemSynergya global operating company with subsidiaries in Europe, China, India, Singapore, Philippines and a representation in the U.S. This company has a distinguished and worldwide reputation in the Oleochemical Industry based on renewable sources. It is providing fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty amines, methyl esters, special esters and oils for cosmetic/personal care, food and industrial applications (Product Catalog ChemSynergy).

ChemSynergy Cooperation – Targets

  • Identifying business opportunities for the upcoming Cyprus gas exploration
  • Identifying sources/partners for Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil especially for the Cosmetic Industry
  • Exploring business opportunities for Oleochemicals in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey
  • Searching for cooperation partners especially in Russia and China

In case of interest please contact Mr. Patrick Larose


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