Why Cyprus

  • Unique strategic location at the crossroad of 3 Continents Europe, Asia, Africa
  • Reputable international financial and commercial hub in Mediterranean Sea.
  • Gateway for None – European members to invest in Cyprus and  enter Europe (China, Russia etc.). See also..
  • High return potential business and real estate opportunities.
  • Most beneficial taxation system
  • Well defined legal framework as a member of the E.U.
  • Natural gas in Cyprus EEZ offers  a strong basis for the future of Cyprus both economically and as a Regional Energy Hub.


Nicosia – 35°10′N 33°22′E

Official Languages

  • Greek
  • Turkish

Minority Languages

  • Armenian
  • Cypriot
  • Arabic


Unitary presidential constitutional republic

Ethnic Groups

  • Greek Cypriots
  • Turkish Cypriots
  • Demonym Cypriot


Nicos Anastasiades

Current Projects