Patrick Larose is the Founder and Managing Director of Morox Consulting.

He has a global record of strong business achievements and experience in all functional areas (Europe and the US). He held leadership positions and high management functions in blue chip companies like Ecolab, Kimberly-Clark, Johnson and Mobil Oil.

Besides possessing some unconventional knowledge and skills he has a robust operational experience in managing large organizations and divisions in Europe and the United States in multinational companies.

Patrick Larose has a proven track record of success. He possesses strategic and hands-on marketing and financial skills which focuses on internal and external growth thru partnerships, combined with cost containment.

He is fluent in 5 languages (writing/speaking), these include world languages English, French and German. Patrick Larose is a Belgian citizen who lived and worked most of his life in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus and Belgium. He is culturally and economically broad-based. He studied Economic and diplomatic sciences at the Antwerp university and has an MBA with honor from Northwestern.